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Les œuvres engagées

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serieP n° XIII ''I'm hungry,mother!'' wash drawing pen and pencil and ink and color 50x60cm 2023
serie P n° I , oil painting on canvas  ''che Appetito!'' 200 x 150 cm 2023
serieP  ''childsfriend '' n°IX oil on canvas 2023
serieP  ''Garum'' n°XII 60X70cm  washdrawning  on Fabriano paper ink /acrilic brushing
serieP  ''GARUM '' XI washdrawing ink brush  on Fabriano paper
serieP ''A GOOD CATCH''  n°X  180x80 cm 2023 oil on canvas
''cardboard with fruit'' 30x40 cm oil on canvas 2022
''forbidden fruits'' serie -P 34x40cm oil on canvas 2023
''even by the windows!'' 100x90cm oil on canvas / serie-P VIII23
''a TAVOLA!'' oil on canvas 70x80 cm  serie P n° V

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